I Love to Practice; I Hate to Practice

Why is it so hard to get myself to practice? I love telling stories.  I love creating them.  When I’m involved in the magic of a story that’s unfolding just right, I feel like I could go out and hike … Continue reading

Mysterious Canyons are Scary; Babies are Not

When I was a kid, I used to get scared a lot.  Once, my father tried to make me feel less scared by telling me a little story – but it backfired. He told me, “Mikie, once I woke up … Continue reading

Coming Up with Just the Right Voice for your Puppet

People ask me how I come up with the different voices for my puppets.  Here are some thoughts: Let  the face of the puppet remind  you of someone and talk like they do:   Just today,  I was playing with  this … Continue reading