About Michael

I wear lots of hats.  I’m a professional storyteller and a math and science tutor in addition to being a writer.  Sometimes I mix and match: I use stories to illustrate math and science.  Any of the math or science in my stories is accurate as far as I can make it.

This site focuses on my writing.  I’m currently exploring an idea that came to me in a dream.  If vampires can’t come into your home unless you invite them, what makes a home?  What would a world be like where vampires have bitten so many people that the night is clogged with vampires, but in the day there’s no sign that anything is different?  I have a page full of ideas for stories on this topic and I’ll be putting them up episode by episode on this site.

I love to hike but I have a condition called Charcot Marie Tooth, a degenerative nerve disease something like MS, which makes my legs weaker than they’d be at my age (52 as of this writing).  So I can’t do the hikes I used to.  But I love to be in nature.  I love my two cats Chili and Luna and I’m passionately in love with my wife.  I like chocolate and movies and books and graphic novels.  I’m an avid fan of anything Joss Whedon does and I’m currently reading all the Buffy the Vampire Slayer titles.  I also love (in no particular order): the Twilight books, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, anything by Robert Heinlein or Spider Robinson or Isaac Asimov, Dykes to Watch Out For, Babylon 5, Deadwood, TrueBlood.  But then I also relax by working calculus or physics problems so go figure.