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The latest chapter of Safe as Houses is available for free here.

Andrea Novis, my First Novel

Andrea Novis CoverMy first book is out there in the world!!!  Andrea Novis, first published here on this website in a somewhat different form, is now a Kindle book.  You can view and buy it here.  In the meantime, their rules require that I remove the older free version from my web site.  So unfortunately, the original version is no longer available.

If you didn’t read Andrea Novis when it was going up a chapter a week, here’s a brief description: “Princess Andrea Novis is locked in the dungeon of King Markul’s castle.  But an ancient prophecy says she will restore the enchanted land of Elemar, lost ages ago.  How can she keep her sanity in total darkness and escape to fulfill her destiny?  A tale of magic with just a bit of spice.”

If you did read it here, the published version is considerably expanded and explores the characters much more deeply.

Safe as Houses, my Ongoing Vampire Tale

If you’re checking my stories out for the first time, the bulk of what’s on this site is my novel “Safe as Houses,” a quirky, character-driven vampire story. The Table of Contents lists all the chapters in their proper order.  Or you can just plunge in with the first story in the series, Safe as Houses.  You can also click here for a quick synopsis of the story so far.  Or if you want something really touching and don’t mind spoilers, read my favorite episode.  Here’s another favorite episode, exciting and action packed with a crazy surprise twist at the end (followed up on in an amusing way here.)


When you finish a chapter, you’ll see a line of buttons that you can use to share that chapter on Facebook, Twitter and several other places.  So if you like what you read, let other people read it too!  Also, please consider voting for “Safe as Houses” at TopWebFiction.com.  And here’s a link to the glowing 4.5-star review of my story on webfictionguide.com.

Nonfiction: Memories of Harbin Hot Springs

Did you love Harbin Hot Springs, that beautiful clothing-optional oasis which burned to ashes so recently?  I’ve just posted a set of memories which should provoke a lot of “Oh my, I remember that so well…”  Read my article here.  I also publish articles from time to time on various topics.  Here’s a list of all the current stuff.

Other Fiction

I’m most drawn to sci-fi and fantasy.  I do like hard sci-fi and I try to make sure all the science is completely accurate.  Here’s an example of my hard sci-fi.  I also write weird fantasy.  Fantasy doesn’t have to be all swords and sorcerers; it’s fantasy, isn’t it?  I’m working on a grownup story about kids climbing a gigantic tidal wave made of blue jelly and a story about a world shaped like a giant spiral.  Those aren’t up on the web site yet.

There’s also The Sky is Made of Stone, a hard science fiction short story with an idea I don’t think I’ve seen anywhere else.  When Mac hears that an asteroid is approaching his world, he goes out to catch it with his bare hands.  I’m pretty sure I got all the math and science right, but feel free to pick any holes you find.


Enjoy reading!

Mature Content Warning

Our lives have mature content.  So do my stories.  They’re not erotica but sex, violence and strong language shows up if truly part of the story.  You might read 20 pages without a single f-word or naked buttock, then find yourself in a firestorm of passion.

My Other Hats

Storyteller: I’m also a professional storyteller.  Click here to go to my storytelling website.  (Note: there’s no direct link back here.  That site is 100% family friendly.)

Math and Science Tutor: On the left side of my brain, I tutor high school and college level math and science.  Click here to go to my tutoring website.  (Again, no direct link back here.)