Vampire Slayers and Dykes to Watch Out For

I’m still working on the next story in my “Safe as Houses” series, so I’ll share some thoughts this week. Since one of the episodes of “Inside Job” took place in a comic book store, here’s a shout out to … Continue reading

I Love to Practice; I Hate to Practice

Why is it so hard to get myself to practice? I love telling stories.  I love creating them.  When I’m involved in the magic of a story that’s unfolding just right, I feel like I could go out and hike … Continue reading

Mysterious Canyons are Scary; Babies are Not

When I was a kid, I used to get scared a lot.  Once, my father tried to make me feel less scared by telling me a little story – but it backfired. He told me, “Mikie, once I woke up … Continue reading

Coming Up with Just the Right Voice for your Puppet

People ask me how I come up with the different voices for my puppets.  Here are some thoughts: Let  the face of the puppet remind  you of someone and talk like they do:   Just today,  I was playing with  this … Continue reading

Memories of Playland

When I was a kid there was an amusement park in San Francisco, right down by the beach.  It was called Playland. I  remember it as huge and magical and fascinating.  I’m sure if it was still there (it was torn … Continue reading