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Love and the World Outside Part 18
Jeremy’s Surrender
Copyright © 2014 by Michael Litzky

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Jeremy’s tongue flitted against the dry roof of his mouth as he closed the bedroom door.

He reminded himself, I brought her back so she could help me find that older vampire. But the thought vanished with the amused look on KerriAnne’s face and he flushed with shame at his unmade bed with the rumpled heap of fuzzy blue blankets and San Francisco 49ers sheets, a kid’s bed.

As though she were making an effort, she licked her lips and said with downcast eyes, “I’ve been bad, I’ve been wicked, I’ve done terrible things. You, you should punish me. I’ll do whatever you say.”

Jeremy, rocketing between cramping excitement and the knowledge that she really had done terrible things, didn’t know what he was going to do.

“You probably,” she pushed, “are going to make me strip naked so you can puh-punish me properly.” Her breath caught as she said “punish.”

Everything else disappeared in the avalanching thought that he could in one minute be looking at a naked girl. “Yeah,” he agreed, shocked at his own voice. “Strip all the way naked.” He blushed to the roots of his hair.

Confident now, she took the rippling edges of her striped top and pulled it over her head. Her bra was black and lacy, nearly see-through. Even though it was ripped and the ragged ends of white flesh showed beneath the hole where he’d pulled the stake out, Jeremy still gulped at the sight and steadied himself against his computer desk.

Turning her motions into a practiced dance, she reached behind and undid the bra, let it slide off, turning so the damaged breast was hidden. For the first time in his life, Jeremy saw a naked breast that was not on a computer screen and his head buzzed so that he could barely see. He tried to stop leaning on the desk and nearly lost his balance.

She saw his eyes hungrily focusing on the seat of her gold lamé skirt and, smiling wickedly, turned her back to undo it and let it slide down her pink-stockinged legs to her dainty feet (had she really been wearing those low heels through all the encounter in the plaza?). With his heart in his mouth, Jeremy lifted his eyes from her feet and devoured the sight of a white, smooth ass.

He’d still been telling himself that he’d treat himself to a look and then get back in control, force her to help him find that other vampire. The remnants of that story fluttered as she swayed her enticing bottom, slid her hands up the backs of her thighs, pulled the pink-ribboned black lace panties into the crack. And when she slid the panties over her shining cheeks and they pulled from between her legs with an audible wet sound, Jeremy was completely in her power.

She peeped back over her shoulder, still in pink stockings and heels. “All the way naked? Or do I look even nastier like this?”

That brought him back for a second: he didn’t want to have to make decisions. “Like this,” he said, not caring. She sashayed to the bed, ripped the blankets to one side (damn those little boy sheets!) and positioned herself on her hands and knees. His fantasy had come true and what was he going to do?

She swayed her ass and in a throaty voice said, “I’ve been so bad, I’ve done such terrible things, I deserve whatever you do to me, oh I’ve, I’m a vampire, I’ve drunk blood and even worse things, I deserved to die but you spared me and now I’m yours and I’ll accept any punishment from your hands.”

But she really had done all those things, Jeremy thought with the last ashes of his rational mind. At the plaza she’d talked about the lovely boy she’d killed and eaten, a boy who might have been Alec’s age. But he’d hated Alec, Alec had been an asshole, a horrible lurking part of him had been glad when Alec died and now he was about to have sex for the first time in his life but she seemed to expect something more from him and he didn’t know how to play the way she seemed to want and it made him feel stupid but there she was naked in a porn-star pose with her porn-star body and he made a helpless sound deep in his chest.

Jeremy eagerly crossed the room to the bed, nearly tripping over the clothes she’d discarded. Seen up close, her striped top hid an egg-yolk stain and her stockings were stained and crusted. But Jeremy was already unzipping his pants with fumbling hands and couldn’t be bothered with the fact that this was the first time he’d seen a vampire with less than perfectly preserved clothes.

He climbed clumsily on the bed behind her, gasping as she spread her legs wider so that her vagina opened its beautiful fluted lips. Pushing his pants down to bunch above his knees made him feel like a little boy. He hoped his cock would be enough for her: he had measured it last year and knew it was average size because he had then googled the phrase “average penis size” (starting guiltily as the drop-down list suggested “for a 16 year old” as if it knew who he was).

Her words nattered against the pounding in his ears, something about spanking her, beating her. He felt small and unsophisticated – and he was vaguely aware of a nonhuman smell. But he had no idea what a vagina was supposed to smell like; something like an ass, he’d always supposed, without ever thinking about it.

He reached out his left hand to touch a woman’s naked ass for the first time. It was smooth and cool. Gasping, ignoring a wrinkle in his jeans which pressed into his right knee, he spanked her a couple of times. She shook, gasped, “Oh yes, oh yes!”

But it made his hand sting – and he didn’t want to hit her, even though she quivered and grunted deep in her throat with each smack. He wanted to love her. He knew she was a vampire but he remembered how she’d leaned against him in the hall and he wanted to love her. And he was a seventeen-year-old about whom Brandon had once said, “You got come backed up to your eyelids, dude.” Scooting on his knees, he brought his penis forward until the swollen head touched lips cool and silky. The otherworldly smell was stronger now, something like a moonlit forest with deep earth loam and a hint of fruit spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

KerriAnne froze for an instant, then moaned in a different way and started to rub against him. His cock twiddled and diddled as she moved, then was pushed up between her ass cheeks. He pulled quickly away, panting, knowing he would come like an idiot all over her if his cock felt an instant more of that glazed, silky heavenly feeling. As it was a thin string of precome glistened between the helmet head and her undulating body.

As much to buy time as anything he smacked her several more times. She took each blow as if it fed some need deep inside. Jeremy was confused but his body knew what it wanted. Taking his cock firmly in his hand again, he rubbed it deliberately between her lips on that cool wetness, willing himself not to fall over the edge. All the erotic stuff he’d read talked about hot pussy; was she cool because she was a vampire? I should be grateful she’s actually wet was his last rational thought before he did just what he had fantasized so many times and shoved into her.

Her insides danced on him; he’d never felt anything so wonderful. He went wild, gave up on trying to last and lost himself in orgasm.

It might not have been anything like the best orgasm he’d ever had but he was having sex with a woman and he felt like a giant. “I love you!” he cried as his tender heart broke through five years of hatred.

The high faded. He landed back on his knees amid the wreckage of his life behind a vampire who was ominously still. Everything had been permitted twenty seconds ago. Now all he could see was Alec’s handsome little boy face, remembered clearly at last. So often it had curled into a sneer but in his vision it looked miserable and lost.

His pants were comically bunched around his knees. He quickly pulled his penis out of the loathsome cold body. What would Sister Amanda think, what would Brandon and the gang think? As the vampire swiveled on her hands and knees toward him, face unreadable, he had a vague, confused picture of the sister, Sally, coming after him with blazing eyes and her big girlfriend toting chains and guns.

A cool, wet mouth fastened onto his oversensitive penis. Sharp teeth dragged! Gagging, he wrenched away. A panicked glimpse told him he wasn’t cut and bleeding. Then he fell backwards in a heap, scrambled to his knees and his feet, aware that she was right behind him. He pulled at pants that wouldn’t seem to come up properly, felt the wooden stake flop on his belt loop –

He would thrust the stake into her heart! He would throw her body out to the vampires, make real what he had claimed weeks ago! She’d be gone and this whole mess would be –

The sound from behind him was so nearly silent that he might not have heard it if he’d actually grabbed the stake and whirled to kill her. But he still would have seen her face, as he did when he turned now, and so everything might have happened just as it did.

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