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The Goal
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If the GPS was right, the old green camper was parked in front of the goal. And if the clock was right, all of Sally’s adventures had taken only an hour. She would almost certainly be the first at the goal, would win. If she could just cross this last 20 feet or so.

But they could see nothing except the slavering faces pressed against every window. “Can you get any closer to the door?” asked Sally.

“Sure, you show me where the fuck there’s a door and I’ll drive this thing right up to it.” Lavinia looked exasperated.

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” An idea was forming in her head. “Try this. Turn right and drive slow. We should go up on the sidewalk. The vamps’ll get out of our way. Keep going until the last ones in front of us disappear and we see the side of the building.”

Lavinia smiled, punched her shoulder. “Fucking brilliant. Alright, here goes nothing.”

She cranked the wheel as far to the right as it would go, then put the barest pressure on the gas pedal. They must have been almost on the curb already because the van instantly bumped upward, first the right tire, then the left. For about ten feet the camper rolled up the sidewalk. They would have hit any trees, fire hydrants or mailboxes which had popped up in their way, but there were none. Suddenly the cold faces in front looked worried, which was the most beautiful sight Sally had ever seen. Bodies darted left and right, the space in front of them cleared, and Lavinia stomped on the brake just before they hit the side of the building. They both stared in disbelief at a window display in front of them: Spiderman, Superman, the Avengers, Batman, some green swampy character Sally didn’t recognize because she never read comics, and a black-haired vampire woman with an ample chest. An address: 2741 Uniform Ave. And a name: Fantasy Life Comix and Games.

Sally couldn’t get it to make sense. This was the goal Bunt had chosen? He probably had some deal with the owner, probably drooled over the vampire woman with the huge tits. Lavinia snorted. “There’s some damn good comics out there. But I bet Bunt reads only the acne pimply supercrap.”

Sally shook her head. If this information helped her destroy Bunt, she was happy. Otherwise she couldn’t care less. But she saw how she was to get into the building. Excitedly, she said, “Can you pull this lady around so that my side door is flush against the door to the store? Tight enough that the vampires can’t squeeze between? Then either the door is unlocked or I smash it open and either way, I’m inside.”

Lavinia nodded. “On it, kid. You’re good.” She backed and turned, crunching vampires behind them, cold hissing turning to piercing shrieks. “Love it, you suckheads!” she bellowed and brought the van up against the door of the building. The glass door was recessed about three feet between display windows and it seemed the camper filled the entry as Lavinia positioned the door so it would open into the little alcove. But it was her door, not Sally’s, that she positioned against the building door. She looked at Sally meaningfully. “You can crawl over me, kid.”

Sally was suddenly terrified. She didn’t trust Lavinia, Lavinia was going to betray her; she was completely in Lavinia’s hands, she was helpless, all Lavinia had to do was invite the vampires in to her house; she was excited again at the thought of being on all fours over Lavinia’s lap. But she didn’t want to be excited right now, it took away from the focus she needed.

Then Lavinia said, “C’mon, kid. Anything’s gonna happen to you, it’s gonna happen to me too.” Then Sally understood the risk Lavinia was taking and her fear of betrayal fled, a flood of love (and fear of the opposite kind) rushing in to take its place.

She still had inside her jacket a wooden stake and the last vial of blood. Thanks to Lavinia, she had only a very small bit of open space to cross. The van was tight against the building but there was an unknown amount of space between the roof of the van and the roof of the alcove.

Willingly she crawled onto Lavinia’s lap, felt those capable hands turn her face to the right for a kiss. Lavinia’s hands trembled on her face, then suddenly roamed down the curve of her back and stroked her upturned ass, making Sally quiver. Lavinia joined her index finger to her middle finger and, looking deliberately into Sally’s eyes, thumped Sally’s left buttock. Sally felt a rush of heat inside, but she forced herself to shake her head. “Not now, I can’t, I want to…” But the dark-haired mystery woman’s hands were back on her face, one finger against Sally’s lips. “Shhh. Go. Come back.” Lavinia cranked down the window in several quick turns.

Of course no hands reached in. The camper was a home. But there also didn’t seem to be any faces or hands in the space between the camper door and the shop door. All the usual hissing and voices seemed to come only from the street. Lavinia held up a hand and visibly crossed her fingers. Sally now wanted badly to throw her arms around Lavinia and kiss her but Lavinia hadn’t said she could. Not at all sure she should be playing this game right now, Sally said humbly, “May I kiss you, Mas—” Horrified, she stopped herself.

Lavinia saw it at once. “Whuh did you almost call me?” she asked, amused, the wide-open window at her elbow.

Sally shook her head fiercely, face burning red. Lavinia smirked. “I’ll ask again later, and you’ll tell me. Right now get outta here. No, you can’t kiss me, not now.” Suddenly a jolt went through them both as Lavinia jerked her elbow away from the window. “Shit!” Fortunately, the old window hadn’t rolled all the way down and a small wall of glass had kept her arm from straying outside.

Lavinia’s eyes were wide with the realization of how close she’d come to being grabbed and Sally, thrown out of her desired role, put her arms around the older woman and Lavinia accepted the comfort. “Damn it kid, you’re a bad influence, I swear. I aint been this careless in…” Lavinia hugged her back. “Go, willya? Get this over with. Unless you wanna just head outta town with me now?”

Sally was warmed by the hopeful look on the beautiful face, but shook her head. “I love my sister, even though she’s a pain in the butt,” she said. Then before she could think any more, she flip-rolled forward out of the window. She did a 360 and her feet slapped the black and white tiles. She felt a swish of cold air behind her neck and was horrified to hear Lavinia suddenly bellow. The momentum carried her to slam against the store’s front door.

Then the icy hand grabbed her foot.

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