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How Like a Man Part 3
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The world is so overrun with vampires that they’re worse than dangerous: they’re pests. The night is crawling with them. They pound on doors, they block every window, but they can’t come into any home, not by so much as a nose hair.

Nobody knows where the first vampire came from but the current situation is simple math: one vampire drinks and then there are two. Two vampires drink and then there are four. Then eight, then 16, 32, 64, 128. In just twenty days, there are over a million. In just a month there’d be over a trillion, except that almost no new vampires are made now because the competition for blood is so fierce that anybody caught outside is torn into tiny pieces and devoured; nothing is left to rise and walk.

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Raymond Fleck, a soft-spoken environmentalist, wakes from a dream which he is sure contains the key to ridding the earth of the vampires forever. The dream replayed a long-ago conversation with his now-dead mother. She had seen Buckminster Fuller speak and when presented with his Spaceship Earth concept, had snorted, “How like a man. The earth is not a spaceship.” But the next sentence, which holds the key, remains tantalizingly hidden, although Raymond is sure it had something to do with ecology and, for reasons which mystify him, Heckle and Jeckle.

On his way home from work the next day, his casual girlfriend Cindy calls to say her car has broken down. She will be safe if she stays in it all night and declares it a temporary home. Raymond, who has never done anything brave before, offers to come get her, even though it will be a tight race to make it back to his house before sunset. Guiltily but gratefully, she accepts. He races toward where she is stuck, still trying to figure out the mystery of the remembered dream. The earth is not a spaceship. What is it, then? What?

When he arrives, they realize that if she is not in her car, the vampires don’t have to respect it as a “home” and can destroy it. Raymond offers to stay with her. She says no, then his car will be destroyed. But his willingness to help in this crisis has brought them closer. But they hug and talk until the last minute. He races for the door of his car just as the last fleecy trace of sun sinks below the horizon.

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How Like a Man Part 3
Homes Part 01

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